Savoury: Our types of Bacon

Lean, smoked pork belly in a range of varieties and seasonings: salted, cured or flavoured with herbs. Our range also includes mildly salted lard bacon. The choice is yours!

Katenspek (smoked bacon)

Katenspek by henri van de bilt vleeswaren is originally from the farmlands where lean  belly bacon was first cured and then cooked. It was then smoked for a long period of time in a special shed at the back of the farm. (German: ‘Katenhaus’). Katenspek is still prepared today using this traditional recipe so that you can taste the delicious, authentical quality.

Breakfast bacon

Breakfast bacon by henri van de bilt vleeswaren is prepared in a traditional manner using lean belly bacon that has been prepared according to traditional methods from lean belly bacon that has been cured, ripened in drying area’s and smoked over beech wood, and then further dried into typical breakfast bacon.  It’s delicious on bread or on toast and there is nothing like it when cooked in bacon pancakes or served after baking at a continental breakfast.

Zeeuws bacon

Ons Zeeuwsspek kenmerkt zich door een heerlijke kruidige smaak die ontstaat door de kruidige pekelmarinade en het ambachtelijke afbraden van magere buikspek.

Tuscan bacon

Tuscan Bacon of henri van de bilt is based on the Tuscan kitchen. It is made of lean belly bacon. First we brine it in a herbal brine with garlic, parsley and red peppers. Afther which the bacon is smoked on wood. Then the bacon is ripened and dried for a long time. This way the bacon gets its typical Tuscan taste.

Bacon varieties

By using different herbs, we can vary the flavour of our bacon, thus anticipating the latest trends in taste and specific customer requirements. Do not hesitate to enquire about our latest varieties of flavours!

For example: Tapas Bacon

The typical Mediterranean ingredients such as sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and olive oil give this lean bacon variety its delicious mild flavour. Of course, this bacon is traditionally marinated and baked. Tapas Bacon can be enjoyed as part of a tapas meal with, for example, caramelized onions, Mozzarella cheese and Rucola lettuce.

Lard bacon

Lard bacon is a lightly salted and ripened product.  This product is only available with rind and is available in different thickness levels. It’s also available in 600 gram cuts. It is ideal for larding poultry dishes (placing around the outside of the poultry to prevent loss of juices while baking).