Quality assurance is what gives us a good conscience at our company.

Stringent quality management ensures that our meat is of the highest quality. We produce according to HACCP hygiene standards and the BRC and IFS Standards. Furthermore, we are also certified by SKAL, the Netherlands control authority for organic products, and are therefore authorised to manufacture and handle organic products.

Our employees are professional and all trained to ensure scrupulous adherence to all of these standards.


International: the Superior Taste Award

Several of our products have been decorated with the Superior Taste Award of the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi).

The iTQi is based in Brussels and is dedicated to testing, endorsing and promoting superior food and beverages. An international jury of experts (chefs and sommeliers) tests products and awards stars according to the quality of the product. If a product gets three stars for three years in a row, the highest decoration, it receives an Award. Our streaky bacon won this Award in 2016.

The following henri van de bilt products have been awarded the Superior Taste Award with one, two or three stars, and are officially recommended by the iTQi:

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Country ham (2 stars)
Breakfast bacon (2 stars)

Information on the testing criteria can be found at iTQi