Innovation is what ensures continuity at our company. This is because growth only comes from the ability to develop and evolve.

New product development

We are continuously developing new products for emerging or existing markets. Often the starting point for a successful new development is a small niche product. Examples of our innovative process include the market success of our carpaccio and our streaky bacon.

Further development of existing products

At the same time, we are always looking for ways to enhance our existing product line—whether by reducing salt and artificial additives, or increasing shelf life and improving taste.

We are also a partner in the EU Phytome project, which is investigating the use of natural substances as a replacement for nitrite in meat products.

More information on the use of phytochemicals can be found at Phytome.

Our product developers

Our workforce boasts a range of talents and skills that all contribute towards product development at our company. Our master butchers work closely with our food technologists and sales experts. This combination of expertise is what enables us to recognise new industry trends and adapt seamlessly to them. And it also ensures that we remain focused on our customers and their changing needs.