In 1959, Henri van de Bilt started a butcher’s shop. Due to his eye for quality and passion for deli meats, the company grew quickly, and a factory was built in Weurt to meet the increasing demand. henri van de bilt vleeswaren produces deli meats from single meat cuts, and convenience products. At present, a staff of more than 90 people take great pleasure in producing all those lovely delicious products.

Quality starting points for henri van de bilt vleeswaren

If a company wishes to produce deli meats with the highest quality, there must also be a good accompanying quality system. Of course, we produce according to HACCP and BRC higher level guidelines. In addition, we are SKAL certified, so we may also produce and trade in organic products. The strength of our quality system is that our expert employees are primarily responsible for the execution and control of this system, where our quality control department is the conscience of our company.