Crispy: our streaky bacon

Made from lean pork belly, our streaky bacon is precooked, slice for slice, in a convection oven: discover the crispy taste sensation! All the varieties are available in consumer packaging or in different MAP packagings.

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Streaky Bacon

Our streaky bacon is available in different degrees of crispness, depending on what the bacon is to be used for. Our light streaky bacon is ideal for further grilling. This can provide a fresh experience for your customer and gives the product a darker colour.

Crispy Bacon

Our crispy bacon is deliciously browned and ready to eat. It can be used both cold and warm (after quick reheating) in all your meals. Add some crispiness to your meals with our crispy bacon!

Streaky bacon varieties

We can supply our streaky bacon in different shapes, sizes and flavours—ranging from chips to crumbs for enhancing your meals, pizzas, salads and snacks.

In addition, we offer a host of flavours, including cheese-and-onion, teriyaki and, indeed, any taste you like.