Versatile: our speciality meats

Our wide range of delicious speciality meats: where quality comes first.


Our Fricandeau is made from the lean parts of the ham. Once the pork meat has been lightly cured and seasoned, the Fricandeau is slowly cooked in steam ovens and finished under a hot air grill. The Fricandeau is available in bulk pieces as well as in slicing logs.

American Roast

This high quality Roast by henri van de bilt vleeswaren is made from the silverside of beef. Once this specific cut of beef has been lightly cured and seasoned with a delicious coating, it is slowly cooked in a steam oven and then seared with hot air so that the Roast Beef maintains its nice pink/red meaty colour.


Pastrami by henri van de bilt vleeswaren is made from tender beef. The pastrami is first cooked before being smoked on beech wood. After smoking, the meat is marinated with, among other things, paprika and garlic. This marinade gives the pastrami its delicious sweet spicy taste.

Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio by henri van de bilt vleeswaren is made from Beef from Europe. This unique Beef Carpaccio guarantees a stylish starter to go with every dinner menu.

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Rolled meat

Our Rolled Pork is made from the pork shoulder, which is carefully cut from the side and then lightly cured and seasoned. The Rolled Pork is slowly cooked in steam ovens and then finished off in a hot air grill to give it that specific braised flavour. The Rolled Pork is available with a mild seasoning as well as a spicy seasoning (with extra cloves).

Organic deli meats (7 varieties)

henri van de bilt produces not only deli meats from regular pork and beef, but has a wide range of organic deli meats in its assortment as well. henri van de bilt is fully SKAL certified. Production is carried out in a way that the organic deli meats run in a separated flow through the company.

Our organic deli meats are almost all dry salted after which ripening starts in a segregated room. Here the salt penetrates the meat completely. After this process we store the products to dry in our climate-controlled rooms. Some of them are then ready to mature even longer to get the soft bite and tender taste of air dried deli meats, some will be smoked on beech wood chips and some of them will be cooked or grilled.

Cattle grown in a organic way is raised by farmers with care and passion. This translates in a more tasteful meat. The same care and passion we have for the production of our organic deli meats. We can say with pride that our organic deli meats are of a high authentic and artisan quality.

We have the following organic deli meats:

  • Breakfast Bacon
  • Black Bacon smoked
  • Back Bacon
  • Cured Side of Pork
  • Smoked-dried Beef
  • Raw Ham
  • Cooked Ham