Classic: our ham

Raw, air-dried or smoked: our selection of flavoursome, traditionally produced hams.

Kempisch ham

Kempisch ham made by henri van de bilt vleeswaren is a typical regional specialty with its own, unique flavour. This raw ham that has been dry-salted by hand, cured and smoked over beech wood expertly by hand, has a surprisingly mild flavour for those who cherish the pure Kempisch farmland tradition.

Kempisch ham is available:

  • Kempisch ham with mild smoked flavour
  • Kempisch ham air-dried
  • Kempisch ham with robust smoked flavour
  • Kempisch ham Grand Cru (with red wine)


Coburger ham van henri van de bilt vleeswaren consists of selected cuts of ham produced using traditional methods. Characteristic is its mild, natural ripening flavour that develops through the long drying process in our climate-controlled area’s. Its natural smoking process and low salt levels make this a top product, which is available in two different varieties: Air dried (not smoked) and mildly smoked.

Coburger ham is available:

  • Coburger ham with mild smoked flavour
  • Coburger air dried

Raw ham

Our raw ham is made from the prime cuts from the ham. Once it has been cured, smoked and dried, the ham is matured in our climate controlled areas. This ham is a mild raw ham with a soft ‘bite’; and only available as a slicing log.

Smoked ham

Smoked-ham by henri van de bilt Vleeswaren is the rump-cut from the ham. Once the ham has been cured, smoked and dried, it is ripened further in our climate-controlled area’s. A smoked- ham is a mild, cured ham with a soft “bite”. Smoked-ham are available with a mild smoked flavour or air-dried (not smoked).

Smoke-dried pork filet

Smoke-dried pork filet by henri van de bilt vleeswaren is made from pork topside. It’s the very best cut of the meat, which guarantees a very tender bite and soft flavour. Once this filet has been cured, smoked and dried, it is further ripened in our climate-controlled area’s.