Juicy: Our Bacon and cured pork products

Deliciously succulent, delicately flavoured and tender to the bite; our bacon and cured pork products are authentic quality products. Ripened or cooked.


Bacon by henri van de bilt vleeswaren is made from the pork rib with a thin edge of fat. Once the selected cuts of meat have been cured, the bacon is smoked fully naturally over pure beech wood and then dried and ripened in our climate-controlled area’s. Bacon is a hearty sandwich meat with a delicious, tender bite.

Breakfast Bacon

Our Breakfast Bacon is made from the pork rib with a small fat rind. The selected meat cuts are cured and then matured in our climate controlled areas. Breakfast Bacon can be fried or boiled and served for breakfast or part of a meal.

Cured side of pork

Cured side of Pork by henri van de bilt vleeswaren is made from the pork loin. After adding a mild cure, the cured side of pork loin is slowly cooked in a steam oven and finished off on a hot air grill. To top it off, the outside is lightly smoked, which gives the Cured side of Pork loin its soft colour and its distinctively tender bite. Cured side of Pork loin is also available in a pepper and pesto variety.

Roasted pork rib

Roasted Pork Rib of henri van de bilt is mildly cured pork that is provided with a herb decoration. Then the meat is gradually roasted in hot air. This reserves the light colour and juicy and typical roasted pork taste.