Deli meats for the professional

Deli meats made of whole cuts, produced in the traditional way and processed according to ultramodern standards. Here, at henri van de bilt, we have the expertise, the craftsmanship and the authentic recipes to guarantee a quality product.

Supreme flavour: salted, smoked and matured

A triple process of dry salting, beech-wood smoking and climate-controlled maturing ensures our deli meats acquire their outstanding flavour and succulent texture.

Customised services

At our state-of-the-art factory, we produce and package our deli meats directly according to our customers’ wishes. We can meet almost any demand: deli logs or whole cuts, bulk quantities or speciality meats. Just ask us!

Our Quality

Our quality management team ensures scrupulous adherence to all of these standards.

About Us

For over 55 years now, the name henri van de bilt has stood for quality, craftsmanship and a passion for deli meats.