Sustainability at henri van de bilt is at the heart of the company. The starting point for determining the company policy is dealing responsibly with people, the environment and animals.

Sustainable purchasing

We purchase in a sustainable way, paying particular attention to environmental aspects and animal welfare. Many packaging materials are completely degradable, as well as the cleaning agents that we use. We ask questions about animal welfare and seek the best solution and best quality for our customers.

henri van de bilt deli meats also makes animal-friendly deli meats, certified with one star of the Better Life feature of the Dutch animal welfare organisation. And  we are also fully SKAL certified for delivering organic deli meats.

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Sustainable production

In our factory, we recycle heat, thus reducing our energy consumption. During the production process, we pay attention to our use of energy and water. Furthermore, we take the following production measures in order to protect the environment:

  • We purify the air of the ovens
  • We have LED lightning
  • We have movement sensors for the lights
  • We have an energy efficient boiler