In our opinion, innovation is a condition for the continuity of the company. Without new products, growth is not possible.

Innovating new products

We innovate by developing new products for existing markets or new markets, and especially products for a niche market that have the potential for growth. Examples are Carpaccio and Streaky Bacon.

Innovating existing products

Further developing existing products also falls under innovation, such as reducing the salt content or the use of E numbers in products, or improving the shelf life or flavour by adjusting the process. We make such developments for a specific customer, at our own initiative or due to a change in legislation.files/images/bedrijf/PHYTOME.jpg

In the context of reducing salt we are participants of the European Phytome project. Our project developers take part of this project which has the goal to replace nitrite in deli meats with natural excipients. For more information check www.phytome.eu

The developers

At henri van de bilt vleeswaren, we have employees with various talents who work on product development. Expert butchers work together with a food technologist, a master chef and the sales department. By combining knowledge, it is possible to detect trends at an early stage and to anticipate these quickly and adequately.